Vasa – Colours [Black Sheep]

Vasa are unlike any other band you will year, and that is meant as a compliment of the highest order.

Colours is the culmination of over three hard years of work from the Glasgow quartet whose frenetic upbeat instrumental rock sticks out from the crowd as one of the standout releases of the year.

From the first song to the last, Colours is unforgiving and relentless.

This record takes you on a journey full of colour and variety, showcasing instrumental rock at its very best.

There is so much going on throughout that it may seem daunting to unexpected ears, however I urge you to stick with it, after the first few minutes its clear what Vasa are going for here.

‘Fat Ronaldo’ provides an early highlight, the complex guitar riffs intertwine seamlessly at an ear piercing volume and frequency, yet somehow remain as catchy as anything in the top 40.

The rhythm section plays an equally as important role in moving this behemoth of a track forward.

The combination of huge half time drums and massive six string bass sound provide an extremely heavy backdrop for the splashes of guitar brilliance.

‘Punched’ sees yet more pulverising cymbals before a neat reverse delay riff creeps in, providing a moment of respite amongst this colourful battle.

It showcases another side to Vasa that is every bit as essential to their sound as the heavier songs.

‘The Angry Dome’ is perhaps the best example of both elements of Vasa’s sound; the dreamy, hard hitting intro riff gives way to an even more dream like reverb soaked section, in which there is so much going on you barely realise there isn’t any vocals as a central melodic focus.

‘Poseidon’s Kiss’ finishes the album with six-minutes of absolutely epic proportions; in a genre that is often dismissed as boring or “samey” Vasa have managed to carve out a unique and exciting sound that will engage everyone from serious post rock fans to fans of any rock music whatsoever.

They miraculously manage to make their music sound Scottish without any vocals, now that is a real talent!

Words: Andy McGonigle


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