The Lapelles – ‘Snakehips/Seventeen’

Fiery, energetic and exhilarating, The Lapelles are able, on stage and in the studio, to encapsulate both the highs and the lows of youth, not to mention the chaos in between.

This Glasgow five-piece have a recently brought out a new double release, ‘Snakehips’ and ‘Seventeen’, and these two tracks exhibit the band at its best, proving them to be as comfortable in recording as they are playing live.

The sound of ‘Snakehips’ is somewhat reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys’ third album Humbug, from its intoxicatingly repetitive guitar lines to the imagery of the lyrics and its confidently drawling vocal performance.

‘Seventeen’, on the other hand, lacks the swagger and excitement, as the maturity and the confidence of the latter sets the bar particularly high.

Nonetheless, it’s a sterling effort and, with its impressive instrumentation and strong vocals, one can only imagine how powerful it will be when performed live.

On the whole, this release stands as a striking statement of intent from a band that is rapidly building a name for themselves in the Glasgow area.

With a busy year ahead and an increasingly positive response to these new recordings, the coming months could hold great things for The Lapelles.

Words: Malcolm Higgins


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