Martha Ffion, Randolph’s Leap at The Hug and Pint, 5/2/16

The Hug and Pint basement is already buzzing with excitement when we arrive, albeit slightly late and sadly missing Catholic Action’s Chris McCrory’s solo set, however we do make it time to catch chirpy eight-piece indie pop darlings Randolph’s Leap squeeze onto the stage.

The band doesn’t disappoint, delivering a show packed full of playful melodies, endearingly ridiculous rhymes and plenty of inter-song jokes, mainly surrounding the soundtrack of Leo DiCaprio’s latest film The Revenant.

The band leave the crowd with a spring in their steps and their charming and extremely entertaining brass tinged, handclap splattered pop sensibilities have plenty singing along.

The already packed basement continues to fill up, so by the time Martha Ffion takes the stage you can hardly move, but this doesn’t make her set any less enjoyable as the young Irish-born songstress charms the audience with her soft sugar-coated vocals.

Tonight Ffion is accompanied by her band who add a rockier vibe to her retro pop sound, but still allow her fuzzy surf-grunge energy to rise to the surface.

Ffion has built up quite the solid foundation over the last year and now with a few charming 60s pop peppered singles under her belt she’s built up a strong following.

The new material, alongside these singles, sounds just as infectious, standing her in very good stead for an EP she promises is on its way in the spring, and doesn’t fail to draw a smile from everyone in the busy venue.

Indeed if this trajectory continues this may be the last time we get to see Ffion in a venue of this size, in Glasgow at the very least; it’s clear from both her live show and the maturity in her music why Ffion has received so much praise over the past few months, something sure to continue in 2016.

Closing the set on Lost Map postcard single ‘No Applause’ seems fitting, as it’s not something she’ll be leaving to any time soon, but then band member Niall comes on to request an impromptu encore and the crowd are wooed one more time.

Words: Jess Lavin

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