Youngstrr Joey – Grilled Wiig [Song, By Toad]

Esoteric way with spelling, esoteric way with tunes; ain’t it always the way?

Thankfully for all that, this is an entirely fruitful marriage of dyslexia and wholly successful discordance.

Coming out of the increasingly interesting Song, By Toad stable, Youngstrr Joey – Cal Donnelly to his mum – flags things up on track three, ‘Listening to Antique Pony Too Much’.

To these ears the Antique Pony effort Unalbum was the best record out of Scotland in 2015; and you can certainly hear the similarities; lo-fi, shonky and wonky, but a damned sight more accomplished than any number of records that have had more money chucked at ’em.

It’s tuneful, guitary, jarring, abstract at points and sounds like it was recorded at three o’clock in the morning, which happily seems to have been the case.

What is does show is a rare talent with melody and home-made production that fully justifies the buzz around Youngstrr Joey; whether a more lavish studio set up would improve what is already a pretty well fully formed flair with both words and sounds – remarkable in a 19 year old – is open to debate, however this is an exciting prospect indeed.

Songs like ‘DNT Change’ have an almost Pixies on the fly aesthetic, but there’s that ever present hint of anarchy about it all; it’s a thrilling melange.

Keep one eye on this chap; here and in the other bands he lurks in – Spinning Coin (recently signed to Domino offshoot Geographic Records in Glasgow), Breakfast Muff, The Sean Armstrong Experience and Passion Pusher.

Keep your other beady eye on the Song, By Toad label as well; exceptional offering from Adam Stafford imminent.

There’s the air of a movement drifting around dank Caledonia at the moment; a free form, punkish and above all exciting group of artists chucking out product at a rare old rate; dive in, the water’s fine… if possibly polluted with a novel array of disorientating stimuli.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts

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