Foggy City Orphan – ‘Rocket’

Already making their mark, announced as one of BBC’s Tom Robinson’s bands to watch in 2016, and with a Scottish Bafta Award winning lead singer, Foggy City Orphan are now looking to make music their career.

Debut single ‘Rocket’ has a fringe flicking bounce that’s tytpical of many songs in the indie-pop world, but in this case, familiarity is by no means a bad thing.

We begin in a sleepy daydream, subtle and tentative, while in the distance there’s a rolling bass riff and glittering accents on lead guitar.

The chorus lands from nowhere, it’s bold, easy to hook into and hard to let go.

The journey continues, moving between soft and bold sections, until a penultimate build up when the abstract nature of the lyrics continue, couched in a plethora of cross-rythms and star kissed melodies.

This track is truly a pleasnt journey and these guys are more than capable of intelligent, crafty musicisianship.

If you were wondering what the name’s all about, it’s not just another ‘kitsch’ attempt at coolness, but rather a quirky play on the Chinese translation of Dickens’ Oliver Twist.

Words: Rachel Cunningham

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