Smash Williams – ‘Astronaut’

Smash Williams’ latest single ‘Astronaut’ is a cool, calm and collective indie rock song with a poignant feel about it, based around the drone tone of Stuart Dougan’s voice and the bouncy guitar throughout the record.

This heartfelt tune has a lo-fi ambience contradicted by its upbeat melody and lively percussion, which keeps your head bopping, but your mind concentrating on the simple yet powerful lyrics.

The structure of the track is built up in a way that draws you in and then the chorus sections quieten down to a more tender version of the rock ‘n’ roll heard at the beginning, making it a sparse and interesting song, relatable to anyone who’s been through anything melancholic.

Smash Williams come from a background of two great musicians so it’s no wonder the energy and power they both have shines bright, and this melancholic rock song is a strong testimony to prove they will deliver some big things in the future.

Words: Louis Jenkins


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