Star Rover – Selfs

With their latest release Star Rover bring us a delicious slice of jangly, fuzzy, Dinosaur Jr.-inspired grunge pop.

Four track EP, Selfs is packed full of inviting, catchy hooks and emphatic instrumentation.

Opener, ‘The Stoic’, sounds anything but as it lurches you pleasantly through the cosmos.

Even before singer Davy King suggests, “let’s run away”, you feel like an unwitting, but willing passenger on Star Rover’s magic bus tour through a cartoon galaxy, with each thematic development propelling you to a new environment.

This ride continues through second track, ‘Caroline’, which is reminiscent of the early wave of bands on Alcopop! (Johnny Foreigner, Anamanaguchi), which will definitely be a live favourite.

The first truly stand out moment comes in ‘Limerence II’, which morphs into a beautifully haunting mesh of fuzz.

These slightly darker tendencies seem to lurk under the surface of Star Rover’s approachable, likeable sound, giving their songs an urgency that hints at raw originality.

Producer, Chris McCrory does well to capture the band’s energy – balancing gang vocals, King’s Scottish tones and barely contained fuzz within a garage aesthetic.

Yet beneath the characteristic distortion and near-detuned sparkle, it is their impressive songwriting that hints at Star Rover’s promise.

Closer, ‘You’re All Right’ best displays this songmanship, while the fantastic drum sound heard throughout is given the space to really shine through.

The Edinburgh trio has been making waves recently, supporting the likes of Black Honey and WOMPS.

After just one listen to Selfs it’s a safe bet that we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the coming months, although the infectious charm of this EP will certainly ensure multiple listens.

Words: Andy Gregory


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