Wolf Alice at Barrowlands, 16/4/16

When Wolf Alice step out on stage at The Barrowlands the crowd roar a heroes welcome back at them.

You can hear the felling of pride for the band, who has been playing the city’s smaller venues for years before tonight.

Ellie Roswell tells the sold out crowd mid set that only a few short years ago the band would struggle to get four people through the door for their first Glasgow dates, but now the four-piece take a dramatic change in size of venue in their stride with a passionate sound that fills whatever room the play.

The set runs through their latest album, My Love Is Cool, with fan favourites from their EPs peppered throughout.

‘Your Loves Whore’ steadily builds the crowds anticipation, having them singing along before they unleashed absolute stomper ‘You’re A Germ’, 15-minutes in; the tune seems to be made to play live, even when it was played unreleased at Tut’s last year the crowd were going wild and picking up the lyrics as if it were a classic.

Wolf Alice2

‘90 Mile Beach’ brings the atmosphere back to a tenderer place, with fans on the shoulders of their pals swaying along to Roswell’s honey-like voice.

Wolf Alice anthem, ‘Storms’ has the crowd going wild again with those who are previously swaying jumping into mosh pits.

‘Giant Peach’ closes the show and there are a lot of smiling faces smeared with sweat and glitter (great addition to any mercy stand) leaving the venue.

Overall, this seems like a band who is not about to be stopped from doing big things; some of the newer tracks may need to see a few shows before they get the same reaction as the old ones, but Wolf Alice don’t seem to be afraid of time on the road.

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Words: Hannah Moore
Photos: Stewart Fullerton


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