A Quiet Night In presents Wild Image (EP launch), Life Model, Poor Frisco at Sleazy’s, 18/3/16

It seems a fair while since A Quiet Night In has put on a show and chatting with the man behind the moniker, David Bell, it indeed has been, still the shows he has put on in the past usually showcase quality upcoming bands so they’re always worth popping along to.

Tonight is no different as three exciting local acts fill the roster, for what is Wild Image’s EP launch and last ever gig.

Poor Frisco is up first and start to an unfortunately sparse crowd, but the crowd grows with the performance and anyone who does enter during their set doesn’t leave, as they blast out a powerful set drawing from last year’s infectious debut album, Sheep’s Clothing.

We’re very familiar with these guys and have seem them progress as a band, but as the member’s enter different chapters of their life (one soon to be married, one soon to be a father), their presence as a band only seems to be stronger; foot stomping grooves punctuate their American influenced indie rock sound, and despite a slight touch of between song awkwardness they come across more accomplished than ever.

Life Model are a band that seem to be on the up, it’s been a fair while since the last time I caught them and a fair bit has changed, their reverby dream pop tinged roots are still there in essence, but they’re heavier with an aura of gothy pop that hooks you much more than before.

Sophie Evans’ addictive, effected vocal has a touch of Cheryl Crowe about it in tone, but that alongside their pounding beats and dreamy guitars shows them as a band with bags of potential.

They’re still to get it quite spot on, but we see glimpses of tracks that could be pushed to a perfect driving songs as twinkling guitars punctuate strong rhythms and keep them noted as one’s to look out for.

This is the last ever gig for Wild Image, which also happens to be their EP launch, and the four-piece seem more than eager to go out with a bang as the tropical licks of Alfonso Sanchez-Cruz, wobbly bass of Andrew Stears and pop tinged vocals from Elina Lin keep things engaging.

At points they may come across as a big self indulgent, Sanchez-Cruz is clearly a very talented guitarist, but at points goes too far to demonstrate this, dragging focus away from what are very well put together pop rock songs.

Still, they put in a last performance to be proud of as Lin commands attention with her catchy pop delivery, alongside chat about peacocks and avocados, and their strained classic rock touching sound hooks me more than enough to keep my attention beyond tonight, that had they planned to do keep going.

Still, from a glimpse at their very diverse influences on Facebook, perhaps this was never supposed to work, but definitely a group of talented musicians, look out for their future projects, some could be very different.

Wild Image by Wild Image

Words: Iain Dawson
Photos: Bill Gray


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