JR Green – ‘The Gentlemen’s Apocalypse’ [Hits The Fan]

The JR Green brothers return with this their latest single from their highly accomplished and acclaimed debut EP Bring the witch doctor.

A mellow picked acoustic guitar loop hooks and wanders gathering intention and intent as mournful and dispirited lyrics are sang in a yearning vocal that these days seems to be reserved for young Scottish folk singers.

An eerie echo kicks in helping the track to gather pace from gentle to ruefully driven, commanding attention and drawing the ear in.

The standout track on an excellent EP, it’s an endearing anti-love tale of wasted emotion, forfeited devotion and infatuation.

Teasing and bustling along, the track stalls and continually draws itself back holding emotion in check with its doleful lyric and is testament to the depth of sound that can be mastered using the simplest of sound and technique.

JR Green might be the best and freshest sound to hit the Scottish music scene in the last six-months and a full album should be awaited with eager anticipation.

Bring The Witch Doctor – EP by JR Green

Words: Peter Dorrington

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