Ded Rabbit – ‘Only Dating / Never Gonna Learn’ [Ded Rabbit]

Ded Rabbit release two personality packed tracks ‘Only Dating / Never Gonna Learn’ on a double A side single.

The brothers have been gathering momentum over the years with a recent tour around the UK and from all the doorsteps passed they have been collecting praise like milk bottles.

‘Only Dating’ was inspired by The Imitation Game, which tells the story of how the genius Alan Turing cracked the Enigma code during WWII, however I would need time to decipher the lead’s lyrical delivery before I could get the reference and unfortunately there is no machine bright enough to do so.

In fact I am more excited about the nostalgic pop punk riff; this track is energetic to say the least and once the plucky pace kicks in it does not ebb.

‘Only Dating’ would be dynamite at a gig, in fact I am sure the whole set would be going by these two tracks alone.

‘Never Gonna Learn’ is a song for the summer, it has that mischievous crescendo that goes hand in hand with moshing at a festival.

This song has a typically British feel to it comparable to The Drums and it compliments ‘Only Dating’ with a fighting crunch.

This double A side establishes that Ded Rabbit are in full bound with a playful character that will continue to flourish into the boggy fields of summer.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald

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