Nieves – ‘Broken Oars’

Glasgow boys Nieves have become a firm favourite on my car stereo; the last year or so has seen them catapult on to the Scottish music scene with two excellent and well received EP’s and a couple of sell out shows at Tut’s.

Musically they are highly accomplished using a compelling mix of gritty, mature lyrics delivered on an angst ridden vocal juxtaposed with the soaring heart tug of melodic piano.

Latest single ‘Broken Oars’ carries on in this vein with the wonderfully live recorded piano taking a strong lead, before singer Brendan Dafter paints his lyrics onto the track.

A string section layers on to the track giving an impeccable warm depth to the song that requires the replay button to be continually pressed.

The song is a tale of the two loves in a women’s life, her father, then her husband and how the loss of one affects her relationship with the other.

As dark as it is this is best track Nieves have released upon us and it certainly won’t disappoint their growing army of fans.

Quality oozes from the speakers when the track plays and it’s no surprise that Nieves profile continues to build.

Surely a record label somewhere must be watching?

Words: Peter Dorrington


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