Laurence Murray Project – Laurence Murray Project

Laurence Murray Project releases their debut album featuring 12 tracks that promise a bright future for the band.

Led by the expert guitar playing of Laurence Murray this album exposes a wealth of knowledge that far exceeds his youth.

Written over the course of a year by Murray and Kirsty Marquis and recorded in different locations over two years, the album is like a sound topography in which the band’s development can be traced as the album progresses.

By the curtain call we reach ‘Walk Away’ the true opener that shows the band’s staggering capability and quenches my thirst for something mature and timely.

There are enough stand alone tracks to make four tight EP’s in this album and whilst the band did set out to make a fushion of rock, blues, soul and RnB their dazzling experiments in each genre takes away from the impact of the most prominent tracks.

Broken down the flaws are few in this album and so picking out particular songs is like choosing a present based on its shape, the one that rattles the loudest is not necessarily the best one.

In ‘Acolyte’ Murray’s wispy vocals waft like Norah Jones with deceptive ease, whilst the diligent bassline binds all elements together including the subtle pop sound of the electric organ.

Whereas ‘Darling’ enters a different realm altogether bleeding with jazz as Marquis’ voice takes helm and adds depth to this delightfully gradual and sparse song.

The refreshing thing about this act is that Murray is not concerned with hogging the limelight, in other words he knows when to step back and let another’s talent flow.

‘Pressure & Time’ cements this theory as Murray sings softly, “say it loud, say it clear” what follows is a celebratory instrumental crescendo and it’s as if he wants the band to raise their voice and put their stamp on this all inclusive project.

The more I listen to this ambitious album the more I grasp how true devotion to craft pays off, there is a gap for a young band like this and once Laurence Murray Project fill it there will be little space to share it.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald

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