Three Blind Wolves – The Bridge

Glaswegian indie faves Three Blind Wolves return with their new EP The Bridge and it’s great to have them back.

Singer Ross Clark is still picking away at life’s little annoyances, channelling the energetic power pop of The New Pornographers or Weezer on the brilliant anger management anthem ‘Stay Calm Ali’, while the more melancholic ‘Soft Crowd Classic’ sees him muse that “they tell me misery sells but I’m not convinced”.

Though their Scottish roots are on show as prominently as any modern rock act, Three Blind Wolves are at their best when they swap arch miserablism for sincere pop energy and there is plenty of pop punk “whoah-ohs” to keep their downcast fanbase happy

Even when Clark sings “wrote a song about crying myself to sleep”, it’s over a tune that gallops along like an unruly puppy.

Don’t be deceived by the surface simplicity though; there is clever songcraft at work too with the chorus unfurling just where you wouldn’t expect it, adding another dimension to a track that could otherwise be a fairly conventional tale of longing and loneliness before gang vocals lift the track to its singalong finale

The EP was recorded at The Cottage, a rural studio next to Loch Fyne, and the bucolic surroundings feed into ‘Be The Man’ with its fingerpicked intro and multi tracked whispers before the ‘The Bridge’ brings the EP to a close.

The title track is the most downbeat track on the release, based around a simple recurring riff and Clark’s emotive lyrics that cast the titular structure as a precarious balancing act.

Their Biffy-sized breakthrough remains elusive, but it’s great to hear Three Blind Wolves back from the wild.

Words: Max Sefton


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