White Heath – ‘Ahnen/Benign Pornography’

Adding another layer to their impressive art-house resume and a new band member to their ranks, Scottish experimentalists White Heath release double A-side recorded by award-winning producer, Dan Cox, whose past clients include Thurston Moore and Lianne La Havas.

Their statement of intent, borrowed from contemporary guru of sound art, John Cage, is ‘all-sound music for the future’.

Ambitious first track, ‘Ahnen’ swings like a carousel through superficial musical boundaries, all the while living up to this bold statement, the weight of which thankfully seems not to have imposed any constraints upon White Heath’s compositional integrity or hindered their ability to write a good tune.

‘Ahnen’s’ collage of indie riffs, Latin rhythms, art-pop inflected vocals and serene orchestral motifs is undoubtedly a work unique and challenging yet addictively listenable.

‘Benign Pornography’ is a more reflective number, with hints of American Football, Alt-J and Radiohead.

The confident rhythm and horn parts in this track will truly soar live, complementing understated, meditative vocals.

This impressive introduction to White Heath’s new line-up promises a great live show and hints at a fresh take on their back catalogue, so fans old and new should be sure to watch for gig announcements.

Words: Andy Gregory

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