Reverieme – ‘Venus’ [9th Story]

The Staves must have misplaced a sister; it’s the only logical explanation as Reverieme exposes a voice that would melt iron on her latest track ‘Venus’.

Whilst I scratch my head trying to remember how to spell R E V E R I E M E, I levitate harmoniously along as the song continuously ascends.

Opening with a few bars of atmospheric bass and slide guitar the single begins like a road movie suitably creating anticipation for the jaunt into this teacher/ songwriter’s thoughts.

The simple guitar picking and sprinkling xylophone echoes in a way that supports the theme of the track, which tries to digest the planet-sized scale of love in comparison to one person.

Already praised by Lauren Laverne on 6Music there is joy to be found in the ease of pace which in essence fluctuates like The Shins.

I am reminded that people who speak quietly can pull you in closer, Reverieme capitalises on that and I am happy to cup my ear to listen to the vitality of her subtle inflections in Glaswegian.

Reverieme has already supported the likes of Gotye and Newton Faulkner, but now she is set to make solar waves in her own right with the release of debut album Straw Woman.

Words: Mhairi MacDonald

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