Bella and the Bear – ‘Still Cold’ [Black Sheep]

Building on 2015’s astounding success and multitude of much-deserved accolades, Bella and the Bear once again deliver in spectacular fashion with powerful new single ‘Still Cold’.

Accolades aside, anyone familiar with Bella and the Bear will already know of their captivating, unconventional harmonies and insightful yet bare-to-the-bone lyrics – the complementary, additive marriage of these two uniquely talented individuals.

‘Still Cold’ seems a bolder statement than any previously made by the duo; the idiosyncrasies are still there, but a more assured awareness of their talents sees them buried just deep enough to captivate, while the immediate melodies charm you into repeated listening.

Put simply, ‘Still Cold’ is the purest celebration of human connection through music you will hear all year.

Alongside the single comes b-side ‘Haunt’, a piano-led tale of dissolution, which does just as the title suggests, as well as live track ‘Rain’, a punchier affair that sees more of the poignant spoken word heard on earlier releases.

The final track is a genre-defying remix of ‘Haunt’, which sees any phantoms left behind in the original given free rein to explore.

Words: Andy Gregory


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