Redolent – ‘Useless’

Seeing Redolent support Man of Moon at The Hug and Pint in December last year was one of the most engaging and interesting live performances I’ve seen by a young Scottish band.

Their music is emotionally-charged and pushes buttons when performed live that aspiring bands seldom press with regard to connecting on an emotional level with their audience.

‘Useless’, their new single, seeks passionately for a better tomorrow much like the Romantic poets, but with the resigned regard for the present of nihilism.

Much like their live performances, this recording has the ability to instil deep feelings in the listener, its lyrics reach out without, it must be said, aspiring to much in terms of form and imagery, its percussion is creative and vibrant, the lead is subtle and atmospheric.

A few notable influences are evoked throughout, however Redolent have full control of the reigns of their creativity.

They’re doing their own thing and taking both performance and composition in a new direction.

Words: Patrick McCafferty


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