Sophie White – Monkey Mind

Sophie White is a recent arrival on the Glasgow scene, but has wasted no time in making a mark with her soulful acoustic creations.

The last few months have seen White build momentum around Glasgow’s venues, landing features on STV and Radio 1.

It’s hard to believe that four-track Monkey Mind is her first offering – her sound has a disarming simplicity that artists spend years and multiple recordings trying to hone.

The EP has a charmingly nonchalant home recording vibe and, as rarely happens, this only enhances delivery of the songs and adds to Monkey Mind’s inherent humanity.

The lyrics contemplate independence and untroubled heartbreak, her singer-songwriter delivery complemented by subtle percussion and a few soft pads.

Whilst the EP initially recalls classic artists such as Norah Jones and Amy Winehouse, it carries elements of dub and rnb and one could equally imagine a future collaboration with the likes of Mungo’s Hi Fi.

‘Monkey Mind’ is possibly the EP’s strongest song and ‘No Harm Done’s infectious vocal refrain makes it a stand out track, whereas closer ‘Move’, flows easily with lyrics beautiful in their simplicity, reminiscent of Natty.

Monkey Mind is a solid start and contains enough hints at a raw talent that will continue to flourish and grow on her next releases.

Words: Andy Gregory


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