PAWS – No Grace [FatCat]

PAWS third studio album, No Grace, has arrived to give your eardrums a good thrashing.

Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus was enlisted to aid the band in producing the album, making the final product appear as a salute to the pop-punk era of the late 90s, of which Hoppus’ band was a firm member.

The prominent throbbing bass lines, rocking drum beats and lyrics full of angst are reminiscent of this genre and make clear the influence Hoppus had on the tracks, however the band don’t lose their own sound in the mix as each track still keeps that unpolished raw element that makes PAWS who they are.

This pop-punk ‘don’t give a fuck’ tone that is central to the album perfectly compliments the message that encapsulates No Grace.

The hardship that is faced by most bands on the arduous road to success has enlightened the music and resulted in them going big, rather than going home.

With the lyric “be who you wanna be” poignant throughout ‘N/A’, the latest release from the album, it doubles as an echo of the band’s journey to discover that perfect trademark sound as well as providing a positive outlook for listeners who may be facing similar struggles in life.

This concept is followed through in ‘Impermanent’, which acts as a personal epiphany to live in the moment.

The energetic instrumental ‘Salt Lake’ is destined to become a live performance staple as it provides the perfect head-banging soundtrack.

With over two minutes of heavy and distorted guitar riffs, the track acts as a break within the album’s track list differentiating it from the lyric-centred songs that have come before.

No Grace acts as a personal reflection on the band’s progress and along with the help of a veteran of the pop-punk scene, PAWS have provided us with an album that is sure to please the fans.

Words: Laura Imrie


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