FOREIGNFOX – ‘Monsoon’ [Vadana]

Quite simply this is how Scottish rock should sound.

Raucous, raw and angry juxtaposed with subtly dark lyrics driven by furious guitar and finished off with an angst ridden vocal, this is a sound that sits you bolt upright wondering where the fuck did that come from.

FOREIGNFOX hail from Dunfermline and ‘Monsoon’ is their first release since debut EP (bar a wee Christmas single), We Float Like Sinking Ships, launched them upon us.

‘Monsoon’ is introduced with a heavy guitar hook with Johnny Watt’s sublimely Scottish vocal kicking in to tease along towards the chorus introduced with the brilliant lyric “cause if she knows what I’ve done she’ll never look at me the same, scratch that she’ll never look at me again”.

The chorus is a crackling, sweeping guitar laden drama with Watt lifting his voice to shout and spit his story of love, life and death, asking: “tell me what to die for, make a man out of me”.

This review was my introduction to this band and already their modest back catalogue has been downloaded and devoured.

Buy their stuff and get it in your ears you will thank yourself for it!

Words: Peter Dorrington

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