wojtek the bear – ‘Dead from the waist up’

‘Dead from the waist up’ is the debut single from Glasgow four-piece purveyors of indie pop wojtek the bear.

Self-released on 17th June at a launch gig in the dank and lovingly unrestored Govanhill Baths on the South Side, they announce their arrival with this slice of indie folk/pop splendour.

Wrapped in a dancing melodic guitar hook, a rhythmic waltz of delicious beat and bass, the melody etches a tale of self-realisation, reluctant contemplation and a resignation that “I’d rather die of a thousand cuts than do this again”.

In true Glasgow folk/indie tradition; following the trail forged by Frightened Rabbit, Teenage Fanclub and The Phantom Band, wojtek the bear sprinkle enough individuality into the mix to maintain only an indirect comparison to the aforementioned, and a small measure of humour added to the mix, endears all the more.

This is a perfectly balanced pop song in every way.

Recorded and produced immaculately by Chris McCrory, ‘Dead from the waist up’ draws you close, wraps itself around you and like every pop gem, leaves you with a mesmeric hook which runs around inside on repeat.

If like me, you were one who saw them at that Govanhill gig, you will be delighted to know there are many more gigs planned including King Tut’s on 25th August.

Just get your ticket sorted pronto ‘cause the word just got out…

Words: Bobby Motherwell

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