Kid Canaveral – Faulty Inner Dialogue [Lost Map]

Since their 2010 debut album, Shouting At Wildlife, Kid Canaveral have received a very positive reception and critical response throughout their six-year musical career.

It is unlikely that the band will receive a different reception with their new album, Faulty Inner Dialogue, which features 12 tracks which collectively display Kid Canaveral’s ability to create an intriguing and eclectic indie album.

Opener ‘Gun Fhaireachdain’ blatantly serves as an introduction to the album, featuring half-sung, half-spoken vocals alongside heavy use of electronic sounds that rise and fall, adding to the intensity of this introduction.

However, the following track, ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ introduces us to the more traditional, indie style, which is displayed throughout the album, with constant bass, and guitar notes, adding to the repetitive musical style of the track.

‘Tragic Satellite’, ‘Lifelong Crisis of Confidence’ and ‘Lives Never Lived’ display recognisable heavy guitars and melodic vocals, which add up to create archetypal indie tracks.

There are tracks on the album, that display a more electronic sound; ‘Callous Parting Gift’, ‘Pale White Flower’ and ‘From Your Bright Room’ experiment with this underlying electronic style, complementing the more traditional indie style flowing throughout.

‘Ten Milligrams’ and ‘Twenty Milligrams’ feature as purely spacious, experimental, instrumental efforts offering an opportunity for the band to display their musical ability outside their usual lyrical focused style.

Faulty Inner Dialogue is a strong and confident album, which uses space to experiment freely and maintain Kid Canaveral’s obvious talent in creating memorable indie tracks.

Words: Orla Brady

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