The Van T’s – A Coming of Age [Bloc+]

I recently came to the conclusion that they just don’t make things like they did in the 90s.

While I appreciate that this is, in some cases, is not a bad thing (think Irish girl band fiasco B*witched) there does appear to be a fair amount of nostalgia for good 90s’ indie.

Happily, the breach has been filled by West of Scotland four-piece The Van T’s, who build on the success of their 2015 debut EP Laguna Beach with the release of power-packed follow up A Coming of Age.

Twins Chloe and Hannah Van Thompson, joined by drummer Shaun Hood and Joanne Forbes on bass, offer up a bright new take on an unmistakably 90s’ sound.

‘35mm’ kicks things off with the band’s now trademark dual vocals courtesy of the Van Thompson sisters.

If you cloned the mighty Wolf Alice’s Ellie Rowsell, and had both versions of her sing at the same time, I’d imagine it would sound something like this.

Interlaced with discordant guitar and thrashing percussion, the opening track firmly sets the tone for a record that merges dreamy surf-pop with rough around the edges alt-rock.

Guitar heavy lead single ‘Blood Orange’ vibrates and tremors with shrieking reverb and ear-piercing feedback, all set against bittersweet, near childlike vocal harmonies.

Offering contrast and a lighter hue, ‘No Man’s Money’ is built around a sunny earworm of a guitar hook, while closer ‘Dandy’ provides yet more reverb, and layer upon layer of well-crafted guitar interplay.

The band’s scuzzy surf-pop will no doubt delight fans and new listeners alike as they embark on a hectic schedule of live shows.

And with any luck there won’t be any double denim in sight.

Words: Kat McNicol

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