OUTBLINKER – The Remains of Walter Peck [Stabbed In The Back]                                             

OUTBLINKER’s newest EP The Remains of Walter Peck is a swirl of driving drums, glitching effects and subtle synths, reminiscent of the soundtrack of dark 80s movies such as The Terminator.

‘Walter Peck’, the man who according to Bill Murray has no dick, is all build up, menacing, threatening and relentless, layering sounds over each other for a solid six-and-a-half-minutes, before tripping itself seamlessly into the second track.

‘Farrokh Bulsara’, who pub quiz fans probably know is the real name of a famous Queen, saves introducing the drums for several minutes whilst effects swoosh around moodily, before picking up a slow techno type tempo, and whilst it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the opener, is solid enough.

Final track ‘Ernest Becker’, possibly named after an anthropologist whose most famous work is concerned with immortality through heroism of the symbolic self, is somewhat more neo classical in style, staccato stabs of keys are broken up with the sounds of broken electronics, but just fades to a close feeling a little inconclusive.

Recorded and partly written in an ancient church on a remote island in Orkney, it’s an EP that reaches for space, and is crying out to be a soundtrack, perhaps to a modern version of Philip Glass’ ‘Koyaanisqatsi’.

With an album to follow, and mentoring from Blanck Mass helping them along, the future looks bright for these dark instrumentalists.

Words: Stevie Williams


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