Mt. Doubt – In Awe of Nothing [Scottish Fiction]

We’re big fans of Edinburgh based Mt. Doubt here at Rave Child, and I’m stoked that this time around it’s my turn to wax lyrical about Leo Bagery and band’s many fine qualities.

Proving that great things don’t always have to come out of Glasgow, Bagery’s second full length release in two years builds on his highly acclaimed debut My Past Is a Quiet Beast.

Released on Scottish Fiction, in their new guise as a label, Bagery successfully showcases his meticulous solo composition and song writing, whilst utilising a full band performance.

Opening track ‘Fjords’ is a slow burning, gradual build into atmospheric dark-pop; setting the tone for an album which neatly juxtaposes introspective, at times gloomy lyrical content with an upbeat, near joyful alt-rock sound.

The result is a record which is compositionally complex, layered and swirling, and yet almost impossible not to sing-along to.

Recent single ‘Afterglow’ fuses an uplifting earworm of a tune with melancholy lyrical content.

Opening lines “consume me lonely sky I am fearful, in case I am ever justified / that is the logic of an ill adjusted thinking, but it’s mine” is the ultimate worriers’ lament, and an ode to over-thinkers everywhere.

‘Verdant’ is just that; lush and with an abundance of clever, well-executed production trickery, whilst darker penultimate track ‘Soak’ benefits from a considered and delicately placed female vocal from Annie Booth, adding to the depth of sound.

‘Thirst’, the next single to be taken from the album, is paradoxically languid and unhurried, whilst remaining gloriously upbeat; impressive but not unexpected for an album chock full of dichotomies.

I can’t call to mind another time that the inclusion of backing ‘doo wops’ have actually enhanced a track, but in this case they work well, echoing and layers under Bagery’s impeccable central vocal.

Closing track ‘Bastard Sea’ earns Bagery favourable comparison to The National, as his imposing and booming bass-baritone builds to a vocally wild and gloriously unrestrained final chorus.

Bagery and his band have successfully embarked on hefty live schedule this summer, receiving well-deserved accolades for performances at T in the Park and Belladrum amongst others.

Based on recent form, Mt. Doubt’s upcoming Edinburgh show to launch single ‘Thirst’ will be well worth venturing out of Glasgow for.

Words: Kat McNicol


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