Laura St. Jude at Broadcast, 12/8/16

It doesn’t take Laura St. Jude long to captive the audience with her enchanting vocals; silencing the room from the moment she begins her set, not the easiest for 10pm on a Friday night.

Tonight St. Jude is accompanied by her full band, whose melodies manage to pack a punch without becoming over the top allowing St. Jude’s haunting vocals to remain in the spotlight.

However Dale Barclay’s gruff snarl adds another dimension to the set, adding a post punk tinge to St. Jude’s glamorous presence.

The highlight of tonight’s set is when the two collide during ‘Your Misery’ as their contrasting vocals come together to create sublime harmonies.

Possessing a repertoire and style influenced by the golden era of Hollywood, classic rock ‘n’ roll and a certain country quality, St. Jude and her band’s unique performance is more than capable of transporting you to another era.

Words: Jess Lavin

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