Premiere: And Yet It Moves – ‘No Way Back To Lunch’ (Live at Green Door Studio)

We caught up with And Yet It Moves’ Dale Barclay to shed light on his new project a few months ago and since then the band have hit the road on a full UK tour, which has been met with huge praise, casting off the Amazing Snakeheads shaped shadow with their genre defying, all engulfing live show.

It’s now our honour to bring you the first recorded material by the band, a live recording of ‘No Way Back To Lunch’, recorded at Glasgow’s fabled Green Door Studio, mixed by Emily Mclaren and Stu Evans and uploaded via Black Sheep Records.

The 12-minute epic, which had previously been available as a short sampler, starts off in a foreboding field of feedback before a pounding rhythm kicks in and allows Barclay’s sharp and recognisable vocal to spill poetic bile over proceedings in the best way possible.

Around the four-minute mark octane starts to build and a drilling cacophony of sounds pulverise you ears for a good minute before disappearing to background chatter and the odd twinkle of instrument

Shortly a background sax gives way to what at first seems a skit with Barclay quipping “your table sir”, before the band seamlessly take over and Barclay’s commentary takes you on sneered journey down the darker side of society.

The final couple of minutes take another turn as well, as the band cram a bit of everything into this intoxicating listen with echoing guitars and a building pace grasping and thrusting you into the mist of the what lies ahead before spitting you out leaving you lost and wanting more.

There’s something hauntly captivating about And Yet It Moves and Barclay’s voice that has been hugely missed and ‘No Way Back To Lunch’ is just a taster of what to come.

And Yet It Moves head out on tour in November on the following dates:

3rd – Dundee – Buskers
4th – Edinburgh – Mash House
11th – London – The Shacklewell Arms
12th – Ramsgate – Ramsgate Music Hall
13th – Brighton – Hope & Ruin
16th – Leeds – Brudenell Social Club
18th – Manchester – Night & Day
19th – Leicester – Soundhouse
20th – Birmingham – The Sunflower Lounge

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