Silver Apples at The Hug and Pint, 26/8/16

Simeon, the sole member of Silver Apples, stands alone on stage in front of a table of equipment and a sold out crowd at the Hug and Pint.

Being a true innovator and pioneer for electronic music the first sound that is heard after the welcome yells is “play a pop song” from someone down front.

“That’s what you’re gonna get” is the response with a smile.

In his early seventies he controls the three oscillators to sway the crowd as one organism, just as the stands at football games, but the folk in the stands tonight are the great and the good of Glasgow’s music community.

As mentioned before Silver Apples are true pioneers, controlling oscillators as they started in a time before commercially available synths; long before Samplers too.

The set starts with ‘Love Fingers’, then into ‘Fractal Flow’; an extended version of ‘A Pox On You’ provides the work out of all the gadgets on the table, blending the off the various devices produces a rich full spectrum of frequencies to play through the PA, finishing with the classic ‘Oscillation’ from the 1968 self-titled debut album.

Simeon has been carrying the name of Silver Apples as a solo affair for the last decade.

The absence of a live drummer removes some of the jazzier tinged moments of the albums; though now using a variation of drum machine patterns and sequences it appears that technology has finally caught up with the original vision Silver Apples foresaw music heading in.

It is a privilege to see Simeon perform this Friday night and the sense of happiness in part is due to seeing an aging man look out and see a sold out venue of attentive listeners.

In 2016, it is reminding us all that appreciating those who influenced modern music isn’t just out of pity and fear of loss (this gig did hit home the passing of Alan Vega and regret of never catching Suicide).

It cements our place in relation to the acts and sounds that travel with us into our own destiny.

Silver Apples, the band that will always be off in the future.

Words: Paul Choi

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