Rapid Tan – Wonderful Special [Number4Door]

Blunt and honest, Rapid Tan make a statement in ‘Theme from Rapid Tan’; it screams ‘we are here’ and interestingly it seems they “like to make friends”.

In their debut EP Wonderful Special, Rapid Tan bring a whirlwind tour of everyday mundane experiences to life with vivid imagination and rebellious rhythmns. Released as an edition of “jelly green” cassette tapes by Number4Door records, it is not the first venture for members of the band, who are made up of members of Herbert Powell, Breakfast Muff and Spinning Coin and the collaboration brings a unique addition to the Glasgow scene.

‘Time Capsule’ is a reminiscent visit to some well-known pass times, more of a ‘trying to make social arrangements’ track than ‘trying to make a statement’ but nonetheless it’s jovial and something about the familiarity of the requests provides some kind of endearing quality.

Next we are at “your mum’s house” in ‘Spicy Govan’; this outfit certainly have a creative take on reality.

It’s a rapid tour of the inner thought processes we experience in our social encounters, except Rapid Tan skillfully know how to express these without appology.

On ‘Welcome To The Drain Centre’ the melodies are unreserved and in your face, but the subject matter so timid it makes you warm to what could otherwise be angst enducing. Similarly ‘Dumbo’ is a combination of high impact screaming, dischordant themes and broken melodies, yet it finishes on a softer note, slow and subtle; a true exhibition of the bands flexible repetoire in one track.

Wonderful Special is at first a deceivingly harsh compositon, it exudes confience and experienced musicianship.

Give it a chance as without closer listening you’ll miss the playfulness of it all.

Wonderful Special by Rapid Tan

Words: Rachel Cunningham

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