ULTRAS – Napoleon [Kiling Moon]

Solid rhythmic ability and technically sound ‘Napoleon’ makes, Over The Wall’s Gav Prentice’s new project, ULTRAS a welcome addition to the Glasgow music scene.

ULTRAS are “a musical act that has come to steal the knives from your kitchen cupboard.” According to the band’s Facebook, “Ultras’ is used by young people across Europe to describe a sense of pride in the area you come from: it represents a celebration of culture and speaks of solidarity”.

So, not only is the band built on a truly affirming ethos, but their music is filled with true sincerity and commitment, it is both mind blowing and infectious.

Napoleon’ starts strong, it sings solidarity and doesn’t hold back; each chord builds on its predecessor, growing in intensity with each strum.

Then, just when you think you’re in store for a classic rock anthem, you’re hit with electro sounds, tip toeing along in tentative syncopation, these are met with Pentice’s raspy vocals that convey a strong sense of pride. The track weaves in and out of these themes.

Rocking you back and forth, meandering in and out of a full showcase of ULTRAS’ capacity for complex composition setting the tone for great things to come.

Words: Rachel Cunningham


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