The Duke, Detroit – ‘Summer’s Gone’

Whilst holding onto the faint hope of an Indian reprise, one is tempted to observe the title and muse, “ain’t it just”: this latest offering from The Duke, Detroit is a rather on point soundtrack to the current drift from light to shade.

Ahead of forthcoming single ‘Delirious’, ‘Summer’s Gone’ is a further delve into the deeper, slightly darker, more mature sound the boys have explored since relocating to London: a function more likely of the ferocious realities of that great city than the ages of the still young band; one forgets how much of the early material such as ‘Iconic’ and ‘Saturday’ was written whilst barely out of school.

Following on from ‘True Romance’ in July this is a beat-led and highly sophisticated beast: ethereal backing vocals prop up the almost spoken words of singer Troi Law; plucked and introverted guitar picks its way through the whole.

It’s certainly not all doom and gloom, however: collaborator Flooze keeps a swaying groove bumping along; keyboards are head-nodding and perfectly pop.

One does hope the exuberance of youth will not be completely lost with the new material this autumn: that marked out this band from a very early stage; a rare way with a very slick hook.

Saturday night cannot last forever, however, and this new exploration of the gritty realities of life is welcome: even the weekend has light and shade and that is before one ventures out onto the mean, midweek streets…

Yet more evidence of a band to keep a keen eye on.

Words: Vosne Malconsorts

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