Spite House presents Doe, Charla Fantasma, Chump, Curdle at Transmission, 22/9/16

Despite the typically rubbish weather, relative newcomers (to Glasgow) Spite House have put together an excellent show at the also relatively new venue of Transmission, which is traditionally an art gallery, which is packed tonight.

Headlining are London’s brilliant indie/punk trio Doe who have been touring relentlessly for the best part of four years now and are now being rewarded with their debut full-length, Some Things Last Longer Than You, out on Specialist Subject Records a couple weeks ago.

Before all that however, we are treated to two also fairly new Glasgow bands.

Spite House’s mission statement is to feature bands with a queer and or female identified presence, and tonight’s all-female openers Curdle warm things up with their charmingly ramshackle and minimal dream-pop, in what is only their third show ever.

The slightly more established Chump, however, play an intriguing mix of fuzz-out grunge and occasional forays into more psychedelic post-rock and are a particularly interesting prospect.

Tour support Charla Fantasma, also hailing from London, are an excellent three-piece, bringing together all the fun and toughness of the riot girrrl movement.

They manage to get the whole room moving and suitably ready for the headliners, making songs about tough subjects into something very enjoyable.


Doe, despite their ever-increasing successes, still remain an excellent staple of DIY punk attitude and aesthetic.

They are one of the hardest working bands in the country and it really shows in their seamlessly great performances.

The three connect and interplay perfectly on tracks such as ‘Something to Tell You’, with Nicola Leel’s soaring voice and bass-toned guitar backed by some ferocious drumming and melodic guitar lead parts from her bandmates.

Meanwhile tracks such as ‘Last Ditch’ display the bands wonderful Weezer-esque power-pop sensibilities, proving once again they are one of the best live acts out there today.

More Photos

Words: Adam Turner-Heffer
Photos: Ann-Christin Heinrich


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