Catholic Action, The Pooches at Tut’s, 25/9/16

2016 has been a pretty exciting one for Catholic Action and as the year draws into its final few months they headline one of their hometown’s best-known venues on a rather understated Sunday night.

Tonight seems somewhat of a nod to future as the band play to a healthy crowd, however this isn’t one of just family, friends and Glasgow music people you would have seen at these guys shows six months ago, there’s a fair share of fresh faces out there; an encouraging sight in this reviewer’s eyes and surely the band alike.

Before all that we’re treated to the charming indie pop of The Pooches, who cast sunshine and misery in equal measure as James Hindle’s swooning chants set you off to sun kissed shores while remaining very routed in Glasgow.

It’s a fairly low-key support slot from one of the most endearing acts around just now, but that’s exactly what you want on a Sunday night like this, their set is hard not to like and while many have come here to see the headliners a fair few will have The Pooches jotted on their phone for next time.

Catholic Action take the stage with a real air of confidence, their glam tinged indie rock sound has set them out as one of the most captivating guitar led bands in the UK just now and their recent singles are just starting to get them recognition further afield, albeit aided by a track titled ‘Rita Ora’, which the pop star herself got behind.

It’s been interesting to see how this band has progressed and after a successful headline slot at Stereo just under a year ago you’d be forgiven for thinking that set in Tut’s doesn’t demonstrate a huge amount of progression.

Truth is that Stereo show was a band playing to their Glasgow crowd, tonight is set played in majority to a crowd that has built more organically; there’s no need to get everyone of your pals along as people will now show up anyway.

The ever engaging Chris McCrory rocks the usual glittered face and fronts the band in punchy fashion, which eventually erupts in a full on pit during ‘Rita Ora’, which McCrory quips “my mum started that”.

The set is as you’d want a rock show, Catholic Action take their already strong songs and package them into a polished performance that you’d happily keep wanting more from, and from the looks of tonight more is just around the corner.

Words: Iain Dawson

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