Martha Ffion – Trip [Turnstile]

With the perfect pop record from a blossoming pop pixie, Martha Ffion has delivered on the promise she more than hinted at in her 2015 single ‘No Applause’.

Pleasingly different with a span of styles Trip introduces a tousled, tangled side to Ffion with new tracks ‘Red Letter Day’ and ‘School Nurse’ edging towards grungey garage pop.

The former though retains some of the sweet sixties-esque sound we have become accustomed to with the rushed and distorted guitar having a real summer time vibe

‘School Nurse,’ starts with Ffion’s velvet voice mocking and hinting that a typical candy edged track is forthcoming, however a caustic jagged guitar kicks in forming a scabrous sound that bristles along in perfect opposition to the mellow tones of the vocal; charming yet serrated it’s like grunge with hues of sweetness laced throughout.

Previous single, ‘Wallflower’ still sounds as fresh as the day it bloomed and along with ‘So Long’ they highlight Ffion’s paradisiacal talent of delivering doleful, saccharine lyrics over laid on lazy loose guitar riffs.

Juxtaposition is a recurring theme on this record with ‘We Disappear’, the centrepiece of the EP, the perfect example.

Three-minutes-and-six-seconds of lo-fi stalling and grating guitar intertwining with Ffion’s simply stunning honey dripped voice, it shouldn’t work but it beats any lingering doubts about why it does into utter submission.

Ffion is producing something no one else is and personally I love it.

Words: Peter Dorrington

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