Jargo – The Wind That Was Calm [VoxBox]

Jargo has already raised a moderate profile, even before the release of their debut album The Wind That Was Calm.

They have received a play on the Roddy Hart show on the BBC and they have also been included in The Herald’s top 100 Scottish songs of the year in 2015 and this has provided a good base for the album’s release.

The Wind That Was Calm includes memorable and thoughtful songs with an array of ideas floating throughout, displaying interesting and complex themes alongside experimentation with different musical styles.

The album opens with ‘Path Not Travelled’, which introduces the album in a relaxed way, with steady beats and light-hearted lyrics.

‘If You Got Hope’ continues the mellow style, with acoustic guitar and raw vocals at the forefront, building to a crescendo at the conclusion; that said, the lyrics appear very expressive and poetic, telling a difficult and tragic story.

Several songs follow this lyrical style and include juxtaposition between the musical accompaniment and the lyrical story.

‘Mental Affair’, ‘Caroline’ and ‘Flowers In A Dream’ have acoustic bases, highlighting the complex and emotional tales contained within the lyrics, however at different parts in each track, the music heightens, adding intensity to the overall feel of the album and reflecting the poetic lyrics.

‘You Say I See’, ‘Quite Ugly One Morning’ and ‘Photograph the Feeling’ provide a heavier, more rock-based sound, highlighting the experimentation present throughout the album.

Overall, Jargo has created a very strong, well-structured and interesting album that flow extremely well, while the varying music styles and Dylan-inspired, poetic lyrics compliment each other beautifully.

Words: Orla Brady


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