Honeyblood – Babes Never Die [FatCat]

Two years after their self-titled debut album, Glaswegian pair Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myres return with Babes Never Die – an album fuelled by an authoritative female voice and strong musical accompaniment.

Honeyblood begin the album with a 42-second ‘Intro’ – where we are introduced to the brash, bold sound which will follow throughout the album, alongside underlying whispers from Tweeddale and Myres, which crescendos into ‘Babes Never Die.’

The title track is, by far, the strongest track on the album; Tweeddale’s authentic vocals flow through a heavy and aggressive accompaniment, led by Myres on drums, however this changes to a short, poppy chorus, which peeks through the haze of forceful guitar and drums.

Opening single ‘Ready For The Magic’ takes us back to Honeyblood’s debut in style at least, but showcases how far they have come since then with an infectious chorus and confident, bold lyrics and vocals – a signature features that defines Honeyblood.

‘Love Is A Disease’ and ‘Walking At Midnight’ take Honeyblood down a darker route, moving away from their poppy roots and experimenting with more intense lyrics and style.

This experimentation comes across well and shows their ability to maintain a style they are known for, whilst also throwing something new into the mix.

On the flipside ‘Cruel’ is more stripped back than what has previously been heard, allowing Tweeddale’s haunting vocals and emotional lyrics to be pushed to the forefront.

Honeyblood have come a long way since their debut album, and Babes Never Die shows that they have the ability to tread more complex lyrical territories than recounting hatred towards ex’s and bad relationships, while maintaining that gritty and raw sound.

Words: Orla Brady


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