T Break Sessions with The Vegan Leather at Tut’s, 10/12/16

Those stairs leading to King Tut’s top floor feature many a household name who once upon a time cut their live teeth down St Vincent Street way throughout the years.

Each time I visit there is always a small smidgen of perhaps foolish hope that tonight will be the night you experience an act that may eventually merit a step on those stairs.

The latest band attempting to have a crack at such levels of Glasgow music scene folklore are fresh-faced Paisley pop auteurs The Vegan Leather.

How do you prepare to share a bill alongside the likes of Paolo Nutini, Frightened Rabbit and the Lightning Seeds at Edinburgh’s massive Hogmanay shindig? Well clearly you just blow the roof off Tut’s with a room full with enthusiastic Weegie types don’t you.

Although still considered a relatively new act The Vegan Leather has already notched up considerable support slots with established outfits Teleman and The Sunshine Underground.

Taking the headline slot for themselves tonight at Tut’s this quirky four-piece play to a pretty rammed bunch that manage to remain invested in an energetic polished set.

We are treated to a pretty versatile bunch of numbers that combine Beach Boys-esque harmonics and catchy chorus hijinks along with new wave stylee percussion and beats flamboyance.

Showcasing a certain confidence and execution worthy of experienced campaigners The Vegan Leather even see fit to treat us all to an instrumental, which is given no less a rousing reception by those in attendance.

Basslines, guitar hooks and a rather punchy rhythm are maintained in their own eccentric fashion, which happens to marry beautifully with regular dual boy/girl vocals.

Band ringleader Gian, sporting a rather spiffing cream embroidered jacket matching his guitar quips “it’s nice to be back here” and encourages audience participation at every possible juncture.

One such opportunity presents itself with ‘Days Go By’ earning quite the sing-along as large pockets of the venue jump to a danced frenzy.

It is the magnetic jaunty jam ‘This House’ that proves highlight to proceedings pulsing electro beats merge to a quirky charm “no fuss, no fire” belted in unison with those inside a now rather sweaty Tut’s.

‘Shake It’ also deserves a mention and is particularly well received, again underlining that these young upstarts even at this stage already possess a healthy body of work.

While it may be quite a bit off just yet, on this sort of form The Vegan Leather may well force a step or two of their own over time.

Words: Andy Quigley

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