Premiere: Reverieme – ‘Sure’

‘Sure’ is the third track to make it to video from Reverieme‘s third full-length, the intrinsically beautiful Straw Woman, and it’s our pleasure to be the first to bring it to you here at Rave Child.

The video sees Reverieme, aka Louise Connell, lab coated and goggled up, fluttering around with various scientific looking experiments, using a set of props potentially borrowed from the school where she does her day job.

We have no idea how good a teacher Connell actually is , but with her releases to date, and the track on show here, if she’s half as delightful a teacher as she is a musician then those kids are onto a winner.

The track in question, ‘Sure’, is arguably the most catchy on Straw Woman; it’s the pop tinged centre that contrasts against some of the darker beauties on the record with Connell’s vocal talents utilised to the full on an infectious chorus that sit atop a charming indie folk backdrop.


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