FREAKENDER NYE with Sacred Paws, Shredd, Rapid Tan at Mono, 31/12/16

Heading down to Mono in high spirits for tonight’s New Year’s celebration planned by the team who put on the highly praised Freakender Weekender early in the year, excited to see what their next event has in store.

First up is the ever-wonderful Rapid Tan, with a lineup consisting of members from a number of great local bands including Breakfast Muff, Herbert Powell and Spinning Coin.

Opening the night with a high-energy set allowing the band to fully showcase their fast-paced, upbeat sound, which nicely shakes the crowd awake and draws their full attention.

Even though each member of the band is clearly giving it their all, it’s Eilidh McMillan shouty punk-esque vocals that really stand out.

One thing is for sure, Rapid Tan’s set is packed full of fun from the lineup’s ability to enjoy themselves on stage to tracks whose subject matter ranges from local storefronts to deep-fried food and making sure to end 2016 on a less serious note.

New FUZZKILL Records favourites Shredd are next up and their fuzzy garage pop sound fits in perfectly on tonight’s bill.

With members from the late Deathcats, Faiides and Other Humans it is no surprise how tight their set is as the three-piece blow the crowd away with heavy riffs and fast melodies, bringing a darker sound into the packed out venue.

Despite the drunken chatter filling the room, Shredd manage to block out all other noise forcing (without much persuasion) the crowd to focus their attention solely on the performance.

As a longtime Sacred Paws fan, I’ve been extremely excited for their set and as the duo begin it clear that I shall not be disappointed.

An infectious whirr of energy grips hold of the venue as duo blend energetic rhythms alongside skittish guitar lines topped off with engaging overlapping vocals in perfect harmony.

Having become somewhat cult fixtures in the city Sacred Paws raw feel remains to create the distinct quirky sound present tonight, adding to the band’s already oozing personality.

As the crowd continuously dances along, Sacred Paws’ set brings us right up to the bells giving them the honour to start (yet just miss) the countdown to 2017.

No one seems to mind though as the sound of cheers and laughter fill the venue before Sacred Paws play us into the New Year by finishing off their set.

By the time Happy Meals take to the stage the night has become somewhat a blur, but the one thing that is for certain is that it is a true humdinger of a New Year’s party.

Words: Toni Edwards
Photos: Harrison Reid

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