Toy Mountains – I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again [Crooked Noise]

The Scottish music scene has an abundance of indie rock but is seriously lacking bands with a harder edge, so Toy Mountains’ new EP, I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again, is a welcome dose of heaviness.

Opener ‘Hard Done By’ features a strong chorus full of emotion, with added weight coming from the thrashing guitars.

Next is a minute-and-a-half piano interlude, which feels unnecessary and a bit of a come down after the high energy of the first track. however, this means ‘Full Circle’ packs an even bigger punch: the track is reminiscent of early Deaf Havana, but at only two minutes long, it leaves you wanting more.

Single, ‘Old Friends’ has the most screaming, which can add to a song if it’s done well and here that’s unfortunately not the case.

The last minute or so of the track is excellent though, with a breakdown and gang vocals bringing that quintessential post-hardcore sound.

There’s another interlude, this time with more synths and some lyrics towards the end, which works a lot better than the previous one.

The last line of the interlude: “I swore I’d never speak of this again / I didn’t say I wouldn’t sing” is a perfect example of how well Toy Mountains can bring real emotion to their sound.

There’s a nice balance between heavy and light on this EP, helping the band stand out from other post-hardcore outfits who only know how to be in your face and harsh without any vulnerability.

‘Everything Ends’ is unpredictable and changes direction several times, but once again shows that ability to deliver a big chorus.

Closer ‘Sight Reading’ has a long piano intro that leads into an emotional crescendo where the band prove their collective talents and show how tight they can sound.

I Swore I’d Never Speak of This Again is a great starting point and shows the potential Toy Mountains have to nail that wonderful combination of melodic choruses and heavy breakdowns.

Words: Shannon McGarrity


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