New Year’s Revolution with The Van T’s at Tut’s, 13/1/17

One of the most highly anticipated nights of this year’s New Year’s Revolution is The Van T’s headliner, and it’s safe to say they deliver exactly what the crowd are after.

The show is sold out and everyone in the tightly packed Tut’s seems in high spirits, and it is in the 15-minutes before The Van T’s set begins that the excitement really ramps up.

As the crowd grab their last drinks before the main event and Catholic Action continue their DJ set, the stage is being strewn with fairy lights and mini confetti cannons handed out to the front row.

The four-piece kick off with ‘No Man’s Money’, from their second EP A Coming of Age, and seem genuinely surprised by the huge reaction they received.

The warm welcome gives them a boost for ‘35mm’, during which it is clear to see how much the whole band are enjoying themselves, then the excellent ‘Growler’ is met with some of the loudest singing along of the night.

There is a hint of nervousness from the band, probably because of the high expectations of them, but they play through it and seem completely comfortable by the end of the set.

‘Laguna Babe’, the title track from their first EP, is a definite highlight of the night and a perfect example of their signature sound which mixes grunge with surf rock and bags of attitude.

They unexpectedly treat the crowd to new track ‘Bittersweet’, which is met with just as much enthusiasm as the well-known songs and is performed with the same confidence.

Having a set of twins in a band means there’s automatic chemistry and the Van Thompsons work so well together on stage.

The reverb-drenched ‘Blood Orange’, with its slick bassline, has less sweetness than some other tracks, but the darker feel suits the band well and it’s just made to be played live.

The Van Ts, Lucia Headline King Tut's In Glasgow

Latest single ‘Fun Garçon’ ends the night on a high and sees the whole band throwing themselves into the party atmosphere and reveling in the triumph of the set.

Last year, The Van T’s were the bar band after one of the main NYR shows, so to be headlining this time around is impressive, and is proof of the name they’re making for themselves.

There’s no news of the band’s next release yet, but judging by the crowd they pull in tonight, an album would go down a treat so we’re keeping our fingers crossed for a full-length in 2017.

Words: Shannon McGarrity
Photos: Tim Gray

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