FUZZKILL RECORDS presents Shredd (EP launch), HOME$LICE, Black Cat Revue at The Old Hairdressers, 21/1/17

A Fuzzkill show is rarely a tame affair, but tonight’s show manages to blow it out the water with a headliner that grasps the show by collar and engulfs the venue in as chaotic an atmosphere as I’ve witnessed in a while.

That said tonight nearly never happened, well maybe that’s taking it a bit far, as a power cut at the 13th Note caused a late venue charge, but there must have been a short moment where a panic ensued; step up The Old Hairdressers and the show has a more than adequate home.

First up is Black Cat Revue, whose psychedelic vibes seem a little odd taste on a bill of this sort, but despite their bassist seeming cut straight out of Madchester, granted the shades are to hide a black eye, they provide ample opening and warm the crowd nicely.

Their sound does touch on that acid tinged early 90s Manchester vibe ever so slightly, but the four-piece give a fair account of themselves despite not reaching the heights of the bands they share the bill with.

HOME$LICE are a bloody excellent band and with a new EP on the way 2017 could well be their year, and they fill the Hairdressers with a far-flung sunshine that we’ll be waiting a good few months before we get any sign of.

The five-piece carry their set of fuzzy pop gems with the aplomb of a band in their element, add to this the band’s hard working DIY attitude and you have all the ingredients for success.

Tonight however is Shredd’s night and both the Glasgow trio and the packed venue are well up for it throwing themselves into a entire set that goes from raw liberating garage rock to big heavy riffs in the blink of an eye.

Shredd, led by Deathcats drummer Chris Harvie, are a relatively new proposition, but having played their second gig on the first ever Freakender and having already shared bills with the like of Thee MVPs, Happy Meals and Gengahr they’re a band with plenty to give.

Their EP, Every Time We Meet I Want To Die, released tonight, in an authentic blast of garage rock that has quite rightly been compared to the likes of Ty Segall with their unreserved and super fast tracks balanced out with strong sneered harmonies.

Tonight lifts in up a notch as the band blast through a tight yet chaotic set that sees limbs flailing and body’s flying as the Shredd deliver a real sloberknocker of a show that leaves you gasping for your breathe, yet at the same wanting more.

More Photos

Word: Iain Dawson

Photos: Walk>Talk Productions

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