Hostel Freaks – Squad Goals [City of Glass]

Hostel Freaks is made up of one man, David Maitland, who describes his music as “Sci-Fi Techno” and “Cosmic Electronica”.

These are rather accurate descriptions and judging by new EP Squad Goals, Maitland has created the perfect mix of obscure, yet intriguing tracks that follow the cutting edge style of modern dance/house, while placing his own individual stamp on his work.

Opener ‘Endolphins’ is a dramatic dance track, which includes a great deal of repetitive riffs and steady beats, here Maitland uses this as a foundation to build his own style with haunting riffs and intense crescendos.

‘The Cosmic Forest’ is much more upbeat and lively, it is, again, built around the repetition, with accompaniments floating around it and a break in the middle, where everything is toned down freeing up space for Maitland to improvise.

The shorter ‘PopUps’ sees more repetition alongside more experimental sounds, which compliment it, while ‘RU Lookin 4Me’ comes as a surprise, in a non-obvious dance/techno track with a bassy riff giving the track a much heavier and more intense sound.

Closer, ‘The Submarine’ experiments with natural sounds, such as the sound of bubbling water and birdcalls and forms the most experimental track on the EP.

Squad Goals is something very different, but definitely worth checking out if you’re open-minded enough to accept its obscurity and appreciate Maitland’s artistry.

Words: Orla Brady


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