Introducing… Shredd

Following their rip-roaring debut EP launch that saw The Old Hairdressers left a sweaty and battered mess, we caught up with Glasgow’s latest garage rock upstarts Shredd for a bit of insight into where they came from and what we can expect.

Who is Shredd? Since there’s no a huge amount written about you online could you give us a wee introduction?

Hey! Shredd are Chris, Mark and Calum! We all work together in our day jobs and after Chris got steaming and asked us to start a band twenty times we eventually gave in!

Every Time We Meet I Want To Die is a power debut, how did that come about being made?

We wanted to get into the studio as soon as we could really, when Ronan (Fay, Sweaty Palms) saw us at Freakender he expressed an interest in working with us and we took him up on it! We knew him well from around the Glasgow music scene and we knew he’d produce great tracks so it was a no-brainer! It was recorded at Gorbals Sound over Halloween weekend and we were all so hungover I’m surprised we actually managed to produce three tracks, but we’re pretty happy with how it’s all worked out!

The EP has drawn comparisons to the likes of Ty Segall and Thee Oh Sees, do you identify with these comparisons?

Yeah, definitely! Ty Segall was the reason this band started in all honesty, his brand of garage rock inspired Chris to write the tunes that became the first Shredd songs! It’s a compliment to be compared to people like him and Thee Oh Sees, we must be doing something right!!

Live you have a much heavier vibe that the EP or those comparisons might suggest, is that something we’ll hear in future recorded material?

Definitely! The EP is made up of three songs we wrote very early on, it felt right to release those first and they fit really well together! The newer songs that now make up the set are definitely a bit heavier and more mental! That being said, even the EP tracks sound much heavier live – we like to make a lot of noise!

The launch was a mobbed and as rowdy a Fuzzkill gig as I’ve seen in a while, how do you take it up from that?

Yeah, the EP launch was by far and away the most mental gig we’ve ever played! It was absolutely mad but amazing to see so many people getting involved, crowd surfing and dancing! For us playing live is all about having fun and I think that translates, people see us having fun and they have fun because of that! Even the first show we played was a bit mad and it’s just gotten better since then. We’re not worried about taking it up from there because we always put everything we have into our live shows, if we’re doing that we’re confident people will have a good time with us!

What’s the rest of 2017 got in store for Shredd?

Well we’ve just announced some more shows in support of the EP, we’re playing Manchester and London as well as some more shows with our good mates Home$lice in Glasgow and Edinburgh! We’re just going to keep gigging as much as possible, hopefully play some festivals in the summer and most likely release some more music! It’s been a really exciting start to 2017 for us and we can’t wait to keep going!


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