FRAUEN – Unreal City

The word FRAUEN refers to “women” in German and a three-piece punk-rock band in Glasgow.

This is a review of the first album released by the latter.

German women have undoubtedly released many albums by now.

This album brings together the jovial levity of punk rock with the speed and power of post-hardcore, defining the music with an intense, unpredictable and broad sound.

From some of the tracks on the album, such as the penultimate ‘27’, one could be forgiven for thinking that the band are another fast, fun and light punk outfit, from tracks like, its immediate precursor, ‘Unreal City’ one could be forgiven for thinking they are anything but.

The constant flux between these types of songs and the lighter ones keeps the listener on their toes and ensures a dynamic and unpredictable experience throughout.

Whether this toing and froing works well is for the individual listener to decide; divisive or diverse? Barrier breaking or fence-sitting? Good or… rubbish?

It is evident that FRAUEN’s music comes from a personal, almost autobiographical, and indeed emotional place, which is echoed in the heavier and darker elements.

The stand out elements in Unreal City is almost exclusively musical, despite this being a fairly vocal-centric release, while there is a fine balance kept between the heavier and lighter elements, I found my attention dipping between the grander and more musically various songs.

Fantastic though these songs are, they are fairly sporadic whilst other, less enjoyable elements are more frequent; some more vocal experimentation would have done the album a lot of good.

FRAUEN seem like an extremely capable band with some kinks to work out, they are capable of producing some earth-moving music, but they to fail to capitalise on this as much as they appear capable of.

Words: Paul Aitken

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