Three Blind Wolves at Saint Luke’s, 25/2/17

It is a bittersweet evening at Saint Luke’s as Three Blind Wolves play their last ever show.

Arguably one of the finest acts to have come out of Glasgow in recent years, the Wolves have never really got the recognition their material deserved and – as is the case for many musicians in similar positions – life has gotten in the way and the band has decided to call it a day.

That is not to say that this evening is going to be a downbeat affair.

A massive part of what made Three Blind Wolves so great was their gung-ho approach to their live performances; it is clear that their final performance will be no different this evening.

The venue is packed to the rafters as they bounce onstage, sufficient evidence (as if any was needed) to the adulation shown towards them.

They begin with fan-favourite ‘Emily Rose’, outlining from the off that everyone is in this together.

Lead vocalist Ross Clark steps away from his microphone to hear five hundred voices hollering the refrain back at him.

This continues throughout and is probably about as fun as a show will be all year.

There’s girls on shoulders, singalongs at every opportunity, and even the beginnings of moshpits at various points.

A 90-minute set is a long time to fill for a band who aren’t blessed with the luxury of a massive back catalogue, however at no point does this evening’s performance fall flat, or feel stretched out.

If anything, the band don’t have enough time to fit in all of their best material.

There is no place in the set for the likes of ‘Gold On The Cross’, while ‘Slow Summer Deer’ and ‘Captain Of A Ship’ are bolstered to sound as huge as the vast surroundings of the converted church venue they are performing in this evening.

‘Hotel’, the song which encapsulates everything that is incorporated into Three Blind Wolves’ music, ends the main set.

They’re a little bit country, they’re a little bit rock and roll, but ultimately they can’t be pigeonholed into any particular genre, and this is what has made them stand out amongst a claustrophobic Scottish music scene for so many years.

It is a goosebump-inducing ‘Three Blind Wolves’ (the song) which finishes proceedings for good tonight.

It’s an emotional affair, and Clark is noticeably overwhelmed as he lays his guitar down for the last time.

He is greeted with stage invaders providing friendly bear hugs, and with one final wave, the band leaves the stage for good.

It’s been eight years, featuring a mini-album, full-length record, and an EP, including countless memorable shows all over the world, but now it’s all over.

Three Blind Wolves – you will be sorely missed.

More Photos

Words: Graham McCusker
Photos: Stewart Fullerton


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