Shredd – Every Time We Meet I Wanna Die [Fuzzkill]

Shredd offer a sense of levity and enjoyment without sacrificing their integrity.

This is not to say that the band takes themselves too seriously, but they are not joking at their own expense either and with heads kept on straight they could make some serious waves.

It will be interesting to see what Shredd can do on a longer release; the three songs on this record point to the fact that the band can do more, the tone is consistent throughout the EP but the songs are not particularly diverse.

The EP sounds like a snippet taken from the middle of an album, some sort of perverted demo before we get to witness the outfit rolling up their sleeve further to reveal more of what is up there.

Firing straight in with ‘Hideout’, Shredd wow immediately; this track is a move maker, I would challenge you to sit at the bar while it was being played live – if they are any good live (which we as a publication can confirm).

This EP kicks off by inviting you to party; fusing garage, punk and pop elements vocally and musically to generate something really quite endearing.

Gentle, meandering vocals; fast, complicated bass; washed out, roaring guitar and cymbal laden, powerful drums.

‘I’ll Leave It’ follows up, displaying more traditionally punk-rock elements whilst retaining the soft and subtle vocal harmonies.

The vocals tend to occupy two positions; coarse, punk territory and light, cooing, fancy land; this juxtaposition of approaches is quite novel and it adds a lot to the music, while the guitar work is fun, light, entertaining and technically well executed.

Every Time We Meet I Wanna Die finishes with ‘The Switch’, the anthem of the EP; with the lightest and most low-key music of the release.

The release seems to descend deeper into traditional garage and punk material with each song without letting go of the vocal work and long-form guitar that distinguishes it from faster, punchier gear.

Another thing I like is the artwork, which may seem like a petty thing, but I don’t think it is; shout out to the artist that made it and whoever’s decision it was to use it for the EP.

Shredd will be supporting Codist with Wendell Borton at The Hug and Pint on the March 22 – which should make for a very enjoyable, fast-paced and hopefully sweaty gig.

Words: Paul Aitken


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