Eugene Twist – ‘Stuntman’

Opening with a funky bassline and a glimpse at some psychedelic distorted guitar, Glaswegian singer-songwriter Eugene Twist is back with his new track ‘Stuntman’.

Years after gracing our ears with The Boy Who Had Everything, this single is the first to be released from his new musical endeavour: The Stuntman.

At first listen, I thought I had misheard the song’s opening line: “Turn your dead lover’s ashes into diamonds, on a quest to vajazzle the mind,” but no, he really does say vajazzle.

Not only does the line bring a smile to your face but it captures your attention and leads you right down the rabbit hole and into Twist’s lyrical narrative concerning the character behind the song’s title.

His expressive and poetic lyricism coupled with smooth vocals and the seductive bass line running throughout the track creates a truly enchanting record with a disco-punk edge.

The Stuntman by Eugene Twist

Words: Laura Imrie

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