Sacred Paws – ‘Strike A Match’ [Rock Action]

During a recent interview with Gideon Coe, conducted in Tramway for the BBC 6 Music Festival, Stephen McRobbie of The Pastels admitted that he’s been playing Sacred Paws tracks with increasing frequency to friends visiting Monorail Records.

It’s no wonder that McRobbie can’t get enough of the band’s recent album, Strike a Match, released on Mogwai’s prestigious Rock Action label.

‘Strike a Match’ is their latest single and in many ways, it’s a perfect distillation of the record’s infectious, intricate and squeaky-clean indie.

Inflected with warm, Afrobeat guitar, playful handclaps and tropical percussion, this track is definitely a belter for those precious afternoons spent down the park in the sun.

Eilidh Rodgers’ backing vocals interweave sweetly intriguing echoes around Rachel Aggs’ effortless new wave delivery, while subtle brass brightens those addictive melodies.

Although split between London and Glasgow, the band have clearly taken inspiration from typical Scottish weather here: “through a snowstorm in the springtime / I watched the light on the side of your face.

Such lovely and surprising lines burst through the surf-pop cadence and every now and then shine bright; but with a beat as catchy as this, it’s safe to say the focus is more on the dancing.

Words: Maria Sledmere


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